I am John Moore.  I am currently working as a Development Team Supervisor for Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. in Springfield Missouri.  I live in Springfield with my wife Meggan, our daughter Allie and our dog, Jack.

I am passionate about software development utilizing the .NET framework.  Professionally, I have worked on a large range of projects that cover many Microsoft technologies.  Personally, I have worked with many mono/linux based projects.  I have a great deal of experience working with Microsoft and Linux based systems and development tools.

Professionally, I manage a small group of software developers and I am responsible for custom software development projects of any scale as well as large scale 3rd party software implementations.  Professionally I have worked with SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, .NET, SilverLight, WPF, WCF, SharePoint, ASP.NET MVC and HTML 5.  I have also worked with numerous 3rd party software products including: OSI PI, SharePoint, Invensys' Avantis, Intelex, and Invensys' IntelaTrac. 

Personally I am a linux, mono and android hobbyist developer.  I have created several web applications using the ASP.NET MVC framework and hosted them on low cost Ubuntu servers.  I am the author of the Ampache Extension for Banshee, part of the Banshee Community Extentions.  I am also the author of Ampache.NET on the Android market.  Ampache.NET is hosted on github and the source is available under the MIT License.  

You can find my exploits at: