Getting Started with Node

Recently I attended Microsoft’s Build conference in San Francisco.  Prior to the conference I had heard about Visual Studio Code and had starting fiddling around with it and MVC Core on Linux.  While I was there I had the opportunity to explore a few sessions and labs related to VS Code and Node.js.  Over my career I have learned many techniques for building quality into software products (such as: code reviews, unit testing, automated builds, etc.) and I have also accepted that when it comes to the user interface (i.e. JavaScript in my world) those practices either do not apply or are too time consuming to be worth pursuing.  As a result, I have formed a basised opinion and do not see any reason why a sane developer would ever choose to use JavaScript as a server side programming language.   And yet, they are and, Microsoft is promoted it.  What?  Why?  I have realized that I am missing something.  This blog series is documentation of how I’m exploring what I’m failing to understand, at the moment.
This first post will be very short because Microsoft has already done a good job of writing it 🙂  The first step in learning any new tool/framework/language is simply saying “hello” or more specifically, “hello world.”  Microsoft has provided an excellent tutorial for getting up and running with Node.


npm install -g express-generator
express ExpressApp
cd ExpressApp
npm install
You are then free to write in a hello world message…
you can then fire up the debugger and point a browser to http://localhost:3000 to see the hello world
From here I added in boot strap into the views and put together a nice starting point to branch out into future learnings.  You can see what I have done on my GitHub.