Ignite 2017: Dyanmics 365

Day two of Ignite, and this one was kind of a let down. I was super stoked to get here to learn more about containers and so I scheduled in two classes related to containers, one focused on SQL server and one focused on Visual Studio. The latter, was a complete let down. The was a demonstration of new and upcoming Visual Studio features, they didn’t even talk about containers, and worse, some of the stuff demoed I am already using and some of it I saw last year at Build, 2016. The SQL Server Container talk was very interesting; however, I didn’t learn anything thing new. I already knew that containers were stateless. I already knew that being stateless creates a problem for any database. Finally, I already knew that some type of attached storage would be required to make SQL Server work in Containers. The session was interesting but I didn’t leave with any new ideas. My greatest inspiration today came from my first session talking about Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

My tweet puts it best, Dynamics 365 could be a digital transformation for my organization. If I ask myself was causes me the most pain at work, the answer would be on-prem software upgrades. These “projects” suck the life out of my team; they add zero value to the organization (probably even negative value because of the time commitments from the business to communication, train, and test) and they block my team members from doing their primary jobs, delivering business solutions with software. Dynamics 365 can solve this problem. Going to a hosted solution will permanently get my team out of the software patching and upgrading business. With that added time, we can learn Power BI and Power Apps and extend and enhance these software platforms to add value beyond the core offering. The lesson that I am leave with for today is that I must be dauntless in focusing my team on work where they add the most value to our organization, and getting the mundane and non-value adding work out of my organization and into hands of a trusted vendor. O365, SharePoint Online, and Dynamics 365, I am ready to start exploring what you offer.