Ignite 2017: Modern Office, Business Apps, and Quantum Computing?

Today at Ignite, Satya Nadella kicked off the day with the key note. There are four take always that I got from this talk, first, Microsoft is not divesting in developers, Infrastructure, Data and AI. All of those topics came up in the key note but they were not the focus. Under Mr. Nadella, Microsoft set out to reinvented themselves. From where I was sitting today, I can say mission accomplished. Today I am proud to call my self a Microsoft Developer (even if I am getting into Management.) So proud in fact, that I was able to tell the story of Microsoft’s reinvention to a potential intern when they asked me about my teams usage/acceptance of open source technology and products. It is truly a great experience to tell my future employees that we embrace open source and are better because of it. Microsoft three years ago was focused on open source, azure services and AI. Today, they are leaders in those areas and so the focus for the future is changing. The three areas of focus I took from the key note are “Modern Workspaces,” “Business Application” aka Dynamics 365, and Quantum Computing?

Modern Workspaces
The idea of a “Modern Workspace” is the evolution of workspaces into a mobile first cloud first world. It is seamlessly working from anywhere at anytime. This idea is the evolution of Office 365 into something bigger than a software service or offering. The Microsoft Graph is building out connections to help make content and documents. Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn is also becoming part of this graph. One of the coolest announcements was Bing for Business. I sat in on a presentation on Search this afternoon with Naomi Moneypenny and Kathrine Hammervold. For the first time today, I truly understood why search in the enterprise was so hard. Microsoft and Google got search right in a consumer space, it should just work in enterprise, but it turns out the needs for enterprise search are vastly different from consumer search. Bing for Business will tie in to the Microsoft Graph to make enterprise search better. Super exciting!

Business Applications
Dynamics 365 made a big appearance today in the sessions and in the keynote. There was a lot of talk about how this platform is leveraging the Microsoft Graph to improve business outcomes. I attended a Business Apps keynote after the main keynote and they provided a demo and uses of Dynamics 365, with the graph and LinkedIn to make recruiting and talent discovery easier. My observations is the Microsoft is Microsoft is viewing Dynamics 365 as a mature offering and a natural extension of the core offerings of Office 365. I’m looking forward to exploring this product line in the future.

Quantum Computer
This topic was the biggest topic in the keynote and for me, it came out of left field. There was a full panel discussion on the advances in building a quantum computer. Microsoft announced today that quantum computing was available today in simulators in Visual Studio (on your PC) and in Azure. I think this is a clear signal that true quantum computing is coming, and it is coming at scale soon. This is not some research or pet project at Microsoft. This feels very similar to Microsoft vision of AI 3 or 4 years ago and today it is very real. I can only imagine what Quantum Computing at scale will do for our world if it comes to fruition in the next 4 years.